Friday, October 7, 2011

You Are Who You Are

Been thinking about this whole blogging shebang-a-bang and I decided to resume Sometimes you just gotta be you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jewelry Box

Posting about my jewelry box is a bit strange because I don't often wear the items inside. Only every now and then I may dress up an outfit with a necklace. I tend to not wear anything else because earrings can irritate my earlobes and bracelets get in the way of office typing. I moved my jewelry box from the closet to a small table in the hopes that I will be inspired to wear my jewelry more often. In the move, I decided to edit the contents and take photos. In reviewing my jewelry, I realize that I am developing a small collection of dainty necklaces - the kind that my coworker thinks was gifted to me by Albert. (Even though I get my jewelry from my mom or purchase it myself.) I have also kept many of my handmade earrings from when I went through a jewelry making phase. I even have Sailor Jupiter pins that I'd like to wear. (Please tell me that it is socially acceptable for a 28-year old to express fond affinity towards Sailor Moon-related things.)

If anybody wants to tell me about their jewelry stash, I'd love to hear about it. =)