Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Break '09

Wednesday - Left work at 3pm. Picked up 2 cheeseboard pizzas to take back to Orange County. Ran into Jimmy and Cat! Left Berkeley @ 8pm.

Thursday - Arrived 3am. Went into LA with Mom and Tina. Ate spicy Thai food. Picked up new Thai CDs. Had dinner with Albert's family, played Texas hold 'em and ping pong with his cousins.

Friday - Went to temple early in the morning. Took pictures of temple cats. Shopping at South Coast Plaza with Mom and Tina. Acquired new knit hat! Ate at mediocre seafood restaurant with Mom and Tina. Worked out with Tina and Tana at 24Hr Fitness. Downloaded Thai music from the internet.

Saturday - Chilled at home. Watched Bruce Almighty. Had dinner with Aiko, Ben, and friends and family. Sang karaoke, played pool. Left at 10pm.

Sunday - Arrived in Santa Cruz at 4am. Woke up 11am to attend tuna cutting demonstration at Mitsuwa in San Jose. Purchased stuff from Mitsuwa. Arrived in Berkeley at 3pm. Ate chu toro, oh toro, and akami grade tuna sashimi from the freshly cut tuna - INSANELY DELICIOUS! Spent time with Albert. Danced crazy!

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