Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Belated New Year!

I was recently asked at work to name something that is unique, enjoyable, or interesting to me. My response was something vague about concentrating on the things that I truly enjoy and to not want for more. I didn't explain it very well obviously, but the idea I had in mind is something that is commonly conveyed at I guess to be zen is to be efficient at counting your blessings. In particular I love this post on 75 simple pleasures also from So, instead of posting about typical new year's resolutions, I am going to list some things that make my day.

1. Watching heavy rainfall into the pool adjacent to my apartment at night.
2. Making someone laugh.
3. Old Looney Tunes cartoons.
4. A tall glass of fruit or carrot juice.
5. Dancing silly.
6. Looking at knitwear and immediately recognizing stitch patterns.
7. Driving with dance music playing loudly.
8. Road trips home with my guy.
9. Having Coco curl up in my lap.
10. Scarves
11. Benedictine and Brandy (B&B) with bourbon.
12. Kicking a soccer ball around.
13. Playing handball.
14. Making silly faces.
15. Climbing tanks.
16. Getting shots (They make me feel efficient cos I'm taking care of myself!)
17. Lunch accessories - bento boxes, thermoses, colorful napkins, etc.
18. Using colored markers.
19. Warm shower with the works.
20. Having someone else shampoo your hair.
21. Mushroom slippers
22. Learning a new dance.
23. Reading in bed.
24. Mangosteen.
25. Coffee date.
26. Salmon tartare.
27. Decluttering.
28. Improving my Thai.
29. Golden Girls.
30. Eating nam with cashes, lettuce, chilis, and washing it down with a beer.
31. Riding a bicycle.
32. Hula hoops.
33. Watching my debt shrink.
34. Saving money for the future.
35. Musically freestyling with friends.
36. Ginger ale root beer floats.
37. A good movie that compels you to immediately buy the DVD and book.
38. Crossing something off the to-do list.
39. Pulling my toes so they crack.
40. Oatmeal soap.
41. Broccoli.
42. Wrassling (and winning).
43. Confiding in someone.
44. Hikes.
45. Laying out at the beach.
46. My family's recipe called Yum Spam.
47. Vietnamese coffee.
48. A good hat.
49. Bright colored accents.
50. Holding hands.
51. Kisses on the cheek.
52. Grapefruit.
53. Dressing warm in winter.
54. Playing games.
55. Hot chocolate.
56. Men's Pocky.
57. Sashimi
58. Milk tea.
59. Successfully cooking a new recipe.
60. A long conversation with a friend.
61. Advancing in my career.
62. Listening to stories.
63. Cuddling in bed.
64. Lazy Sunday mornings.
65. Naps.
66. Garlic.
67. Ben & Jerry's Triple Caramel Chunk.
68. Crepes.
69. Homemade items.
70. French macaroons.
71. Noticing large storage tanks and guessing their capacity.
72. Delicious vegetables.
73. Back scratches.
74. Sharing stories of common experiences.
75. Laughing.

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