Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drafted T-shirt

I purchased Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified several days ago because I wanted to go beyond my measly collection of six patterns without spending too much money. The book begins with drafting a skirt pattern, but I skipped it and tried my hand at making a t-shirt instead. (Though I plan to go back and attempt a skirt so that I can make something like this skirt.) Let me just say that drafting is fun! It takes me back to those math classes of my youth where I would plot points on a graph, connect points, and draw curves. Who knew that being good at geometry would make drafting easier?

Anywho, so I now have a t-shirt pattern for me and only for me (or someone with my exact measurements). Anxious to see how I fared, I purchased a beige striped knit fabric from Stone Mountain, as well as some other knits, cut out the pattern pieces and began sewing. Yesterday I completed the shoulder and side seams. Today, I set the sleeves, added a neckband, and made some minor adjustments. This is the product so far:

All I have to do now is decide whether I want to leave the sleeve and bottom hem unfinished. Part of me wants a nice hemmed t-shirt. The other part of me is lazy and thinks it's fine the way it is.

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