Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daily Goals

This post is very, very late, but better late than never. I was in a slump these past few months as I haven't been doing anything creative, productive, or physically active. Luckily for me, other people have had a similar problem and have tried different strategies to get out of their slump. The tactic that struck me the most was written up on say YES! to hoboken. Basically, Liz tries to do something in each of the following categories each day:

Physical Activity

While I haven't been doing all of these things everyday, it helps to be reminded that these are the important things in my life and to keep doing them little by little until they amount to something big. And as a way to help me keep my eye on the prize I've got the following goals in mind:

Creative - Sew this tote bag
Outdoors - It's getting warmer - must start going to the beach as much as possible.
Physical Activity - Albert signed us both up to do the Wharf to Wharf in Santa Cruz. I will need to train for it so that I don't pass out during the event.
Educational - This is easy because I do it all the time. I like to read Sociological Images everyday and I plan to finish Infections and Inequalities, which was loaned to me by a friend.
Organizing/Cleaning - Spring also means spring cleaning. I will also be moving to a new place at the end of this month.

So much stuff to look forward to these upcoming months!

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