Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zippered Pouch

I'm taking today and tomorrow off to use up my "Professional Development Days." I started today by making another zippered pouch using vintage French ticking fabric scraps that I purchased from the Alameda Antique Fair. For contrast, I added a buttercup yellow zipper and yellow patterned lining. I used this tutorial again and wanted to share a tip. In making my previous zippered pouch, I noticed that my sewn line along the zipper wasn't straight. This is because the zipper I used has a bulky metal pull, which makes it difficult for the sewing machine to get real close to the zipper teeth. So what I did was essentially move the zipper away from the needle at the time of sewing.

Here's the fabric pinned to the zipper.

And here's what it looks like underneath. I position the zipper pull so that it's about 60% of the way down from where I will start sewing.

Start sewing and stop just before reaching the zipper pull.

Leave the needle in the fabric, release the presser foot, and reach under the top layer and reposition the zipper foot. Here it is in the original position.

And here it is in the moved position. I moved the pull to an area that I already sewed so that it won't get in my way when I get to the end.

Finish sewing and marvel at the straight lines next to the zipper. Nice and even! Now just finish up the rest according to the tutorial.

Here's my finished pouch showcasing the zipper and lining.

And here it is in all its finished glory!

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