Monday, July 11, 2011

Dressed Up: SoCal in NorCal

After going on a run with Albert, I felt like dressing up to go to 99 Ranch. (Yes, I know how silly that is, but whatever. I'll do what I feel like.) I consider this outfit to be very SoCal - skinny jeans, wedge shoes, oversized top, jewelry. The only thing that would complete this would be if I did my hair and had a face full of MAC makeup. (J/K, kinda.)

This is a close-up of my necklace. I scored this at the Renegade Craft Fair from Flea Market Girl.

My new wedge shoes. These are Clarks and they are pretty darn comfortable for heels. (I actually sorta gave up wearing heels a long time ago, but I'm slowing bringing them back into my repertoire.)

I got this bag from the Renegade Craft Fair last year. Not too sure what it is supposed to read. "I Godzilla SF?" "I terrorize SF?" "I rawr-ve SF?"

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