Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Highlights of Chicago


Chicago-style pizza from Pizzaria Uno. (The cornmeal crust is the best!)

Deep dish sundae also from Pizzaria Uno.

Taking the Chicago Architecture Boat Tour...and drinking a bottle of champagne.

Dinner and drinks with Sheela and Joey!

Rolling down the hill near the Field Museum.

Chicago-style hot dog...mmm!

Garrett's popcorn - caramel mixed with cheese.

Albert and I went to Chicago for 4 days to visit Joey and Sheela. (Joey and I lived together for almost five years. And Sheela will be graduating soon and got a position in Amsterdam!) This is my second time to Chicago in the adult phase of my life. Even though it's my birthplace, I did way more touristy things this time - and it was fun!

Joey and Sheela - Thanks for showing us around and taking care of us. We had a blast!

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  1. Great post! Hopefully I can join y'all next time...