Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Handmade Bib and Burp Cloths

This past weekend I was in SoCal for a baby shower and spa day. Albert and I had so much fun shopping for gifts for Cora Ayumi. She is the first baby of our group of friends so you can bet we're going to spoil her senseless!

In addition to buying toys that we would have wanted as a kid, I spent some time making handmade items, including a bib and several burp cloths. (Tutorials and inspiration from here and here.)

First of all these items are super easy! Once you make one you want to make a whole bunch since it's just rectangles. And second, it's easy to make a set using fabric scraps or buying coordinating fabric. Plus, it gives you an excuse to actually buy really cute fabric that you might not consider for sewn garments!

There are a ton of projects and tutorials for baby items on the internet. I had difficulty paring down my list to items that I could make in the amount of time I had, but I am super pleased with these!

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