Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Favorite Blogs

I should be training for the upcoming Gladiator Rock 'n Run (which is beginning to intimidate me - I have to run through giant swinging balls and run across water and rocks?!?!?), but instead I've been surfing the internet, eating, watching tv shows and movies, and all sorts of non-physical activities. The internet is especially rewarding as I've accumulated a few new, favorite blogs.


Emma Robertson's blog, Emmadime, showcases her knit designs, personal style, and inspiration. This blog also led me to the following blogs!

Le Dans La

To be honest, sometimes blogs with numerous photos of children are too saccharin for me, but the photos on Le Dan La are just perfect. Minimal, yet styled. The color choices and knitwear are also inspiring me to try new color combinations and knit more!

la cannella fragola

la cannella fragola is a tumblr full of images on fashion, decor, food (especially sushi), travel, and photography. The tumblr is very well tied together through the selection of neutral colors in the chosen images.

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