Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Market for a Sewing Machine

Been tweaking around with the blog to allow for larger pictures, links, etc. I think it's an improvement.

I have managed to not splurge on a sewing machine yet, but I have narrowed it down. According to, the Brother CS6000i is the highest rated electronic sewing machine with the best bang for the buck. I was initially leaning towards the Brother XL-2600i, but I need something that can handle denim. So, I've got my eye on this one and the only thing stopping me from actually buying it is the knowledge that I should start my sewing class and get a feel for a sewing machine before actually buying one. Of course, I've always been a fast learner...But no! I'm resolved in this. Hopefully.


I purchased a Janome Jem Gold 3 on Thursday in Alameda. So far I have completed 3 alteration projects in rudimentary fashion. Will post more later!!! Eeeeeeee!

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