Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aspirin Mask and Electric Toothbrush

After scouring through Michelle Phan's website for neat tips on skincare and makeup, I decided to try using an aspirin mask and electric toothbrush on my face for improved skin condition. I'm reprinting it here with some notes from my own experience.

The aspirin mask calls for:
2-3 uncoated aspirin tablets (I purchased the Target generic brand.)
drops of water

Put the aspirin tablet into a little dish and sprinkle water onto the drops to disintegrate the tablets. When they've essentially broken down into a fine white gritty mess, squirt some honey over it and mix with your fingers. Apply the mask to your face, taking care not to get any in your eyes, and leave on for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wet your hands with water and use the grit to exfoliate your skin. At this point, I recommend rinsing everything off before using the electric toothbrush. I didn't and ended up getting a piece of aspirin in my eye. The electric toothbrush I purchased new at Target ($7 a pop). Note that even the soft bristles are pretty hard so find a way to soften them up. Michelle Phan recommends rubbing them over a pumice stone - I didn't have one so I took it raw. I used the toothbrush on the areas where I typically get less than desired exfoliation, that would be the sides of my nose, my chin, and between my eyebrows. I also did this after washing my face so that the water has time to soften the skin. I didn't use the brush for very long - maybe a minute or less and then rinsed my face and applied moisturizer (Sonia Kashuk's Replenish).

Afterwards, the areas I used the brush on were bright red - what did I expect? However, I think the aspirin mask prior helped to reduce redness in a few minutes. Once the redness was gone, I noticed that my skin was smoother than before. It's been two days later and I haven't noticed any buildup in my pores - thanks to the toothbrush. I don't know if I will always use the toothbrush right after the mask, but I will probably incorporate these into my regular skincare routine maybe twice a week. I'll report if I see any other improvements over time!

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  1. ooh! i've been seeing this mask everywhere (a lot of blogs & vlog that i follow)...must try before wedding!