Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Dresses

Lately, I've been acquiring vintage dresses, mostly from Etsy or other vintage stores I happen to meander into. I find that vintage dresses fit pretty well on me considering my body has gotten more curvy over the years. They say that everyone can fit into a specific decade in terms of clothing fit and styling. I guess I fit with the 1950s-ish for now.

I love green, but subconsciously stopped wearing it when a family member kept complaining about the number of green items I owned and my frequency of wear. Slowly but surely, I will up the number of green items I own again. This dress is one of them. This Liz Clairborne piece was purchased from Etsy.

When I first saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. I love the gradation of the print and the design of the top - no revealing of cleavage! When I first tried it on, I couldn't decided if I liked the length or not. Shortening the dress will balance out it's proportion with respect to my size, but I will lose the pattern detailing at the bottom. No, I don't think I can get rid of the print on the bottom. Purchased from Etsy.

I purchased this from a vintage shop in Santa Cruz. I love the print - it's actually sailboats!

That's all for now.

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