Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paper Vision in Santa Cruz

Been working out of the Monterey District office lately on a temporary assignment. Really glad I took the opportunity to learn more about other water systems and spend more time with Albert!

One of my favorite shops in Santa Cruz is Paper Vision, which sells a quirky mix of posters, gifts, cards, stationary, toys, etc. While searching for a birthday card, Albert and I meandered around the store and found some cool stuff, as we always do. Here's what I purchased:

Yes, temporary tattoos. Because I am a commitment-phobe.

And here's me rocking one of ye olde time tattoos.

A cute graphic book about Ramayana, parts of which also are retold in Thai culture.

The author of the book, Sanjay Patel, works at Pixar. Can you recognize the art style? I wonder if he also worked on Samurai Jack.

Awesome water bottle promoting tap water.

I think this will be my contribution to my office's white elephant gift exchange.

Also, Albert and I made pizza bianca the other night. Only we added heirloom tomatoes, basil, and red bell pepper. Guess it's not really pizza bianca, huh?

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